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"The pest of the pest."

In Midwestern fashion, welcome and come on in. Thank you for giving us a look. At Ohio Mosquito Control, we offer superior pest control to the Cincinnati area. Opening in 2017, we have been making our customers more comfortable outside for 6 years. Family owned and operated, we're a professional mosquito control service and now offering additional pest control services. We are independent of franchises and corporations. We are born-and-raised local and would love the opportunity to do business with you. Book online with a click, Call 513-347-3594 or email us to start your pest management plan. 


Mosquito Services

Residential and Commercial Service with Natural Options

Your technician will deliver a barrier application to the perimeter of the property using a backpack mister blower. The technician will also target "hot spots" such as breeding sites and harborage sites. These include areas such as shade zones, moist areas, decorative grasses, underside of tree leaves and  other non flowering plants to name a few. 

Included in this application is a combination of Broad Spectrum insecticides, Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), water,  surfactant and insect exciting agents. There are several options for controlling mosquitoes where environment changes have not helped. Insecticides are either repellant or non repellant and will begin to kill the mosquito on contact. They remain on the surface because of our premium products chosen containing micro-encapsulation. Mosquitoes will go to the shade to rest, contact the insecticide and begin to die. 

IGRs prevents juvenile mosquitoes from becoming biting adult mosquitoes.

Larvicides can be applied to stagnant water sources. These kill the mosquito larvae found in placid water.

We offer single application services for outdoor events such as weddings and parties, less intrusive options like bait stations and natural treatments. 

Mosquito Traps, Baits and Plant Based insecticides are now available.

Insecticide aka Adulticide, Larvicide and IGR are the primary ingredients in traps as well, but are contained in a secure and discrete container. 

All liquid mosquito applications require two hours of dry time before re-entry. 

Dead Mosquito Isolated On White Background.jpg
Rosemary Sprig
Outdoor Family Day

Residential Mosquito Control

Mosquito Treatments for your yard, applied every 3 weeks  from April through October.

Certified Natural Plant Based Application

Natural Barrier-Spray Treatment 
*recommended every 2 weeks

Commercial Application & Special Events

Business Solutions and One-time Treatment Options

Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.



Being a local company, our customers are our neighbors. We want you to have a great customer experience. That means doing right by you. If it isn't  right, we want to fix it. Whether or not you continue business with us, our mission is customer centered. 

Our pest control programs are designed to perform best with continuous service. For mosquitoes the service timeline is from early Spring through late Fall. Similar to many general pest control solutions you want to start early and then maintain control. 

For continued mosquito service agreements, If you need a follow up treatment between scheduled visits, let us know.  No extra charge. 

For follow up requests on one time mosquito applications, call within 14 days of the treatment for a follow up application. Stand alone treatments provide a rapid reduction called a knockdown but limited residual effect in comparison to program services. 

Every pest problem is different therefore each solution will be different. With the right communication and plan in place, the result is the same.  Your satisfaction. 

Contact us for Service or Questions

We've listened!

We will personally respond to each request. 

Our live answering service can now answer your call 24/7 and receive your information and any requests. During business hours,  your call will be directed to an available staff member. 

Rescheduling / Urgent:  Advise the call taker of any urgent issues and wait to be patched through. 

We will never sell your info to a 3rd party. 


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